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Sat-Nat Woodland Discovery Trails

The WDT is a guided woodland exploration which provides interpretation and learning opportunities along a woodland route. The Trail encompasses life and living processes common to all woodlands and also introduces the concepts of sustainability and timber use. It can readily be adapted to suit any type of woodland in any area. Learning through personal observation is a key feature of the Trail activities, all of which are organized and directed by the group leader’s Q3 Ranger. Far from being a substitute for first-hand experience of the Natural World, the Q3 Rangers stimulate enthusiasm, direct and focus attention and activity, while also allowing topics to be further explored in the field.


Q3 Rangers have been developed as a cost-effective method of delivering high quality, environmental education to expanded audiences. They are the brainchild of Stephen Lawson, the Director of Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust, the charity which runs the Woodland Education Centre. Stephen comments "This technology is the single biggest advance which I have seen in over 20 years experience of countryside education and interpretation. It harnesses the enormous entertainment value of computers and uses them as a valuable tool for outdoor learning. It also removes many of the barriers to self-led, educational visits by automatically ensuring that even unskilled group leaders know where they are, where to go and what to do, when they get there."


The content for the WDT has been developed using decades of experience of delivering science-based, environmental education to groups of all ages, levels and abilities at the Woodland Education Centre. It is also based on considerable experience of what works well in digital learning resources, acquired through the production of the Trust’s extensive web site (www.countrysideinfo.co.uk). This receives up to 1.5 million hits a month and is linked to by universities, colleges, schools and organisations from countries all over the world. Dr Barbara Corker, the Trust’s Education Officer says "This level of web site use is no accident. The web site content is based on a sound understanding of the environment, the practicalities of environmental education and the needs of teachers and other educators. "


The WDT has been developed by the same production team and has been extensively tested with a wide range of user groups. The Trail has been described as "Ace" by visiting youngsters, while the Q3 Rangers have been deemed "as cool as my Nintendo!". Dr Corker adds "The retention of the information presented on the WDT is nothing short of remarkable and the activity has also proved to be particularly good at engaging the attention of poor learners in a group."


Q3 Rangers are about to revolutionize woodland and countryside education and interpretation. They are a highly effective tool which can be used to captivate modern audiences at any outdoor site in Britain. More information on the Woodland Discovery Trail and on Q3 Rangers can be found at www.q3rangers.co.uk




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16th November 2007



Highly sophisticated, outdoor, multimedia guides called Q3 Rangers are set to revolutionize interpretation of woodlands and sustainability nation-wide. Q3 Rangers are rugged, hand-held computers which operate using a unique software system and the very latest in GPS hardware. They are being used to deliver Sat-Nav-guided, educational activities to self-led school and educational groups.


A number of innovative Q3 Ranger trails and activities have been developed at the award-winning and progressive Woodland Education Centre in Devon. The ‘Woodland Discovery Trail’ (WDT), which has been in practical use at the Centre over the past two years, is the first of these to be offered to UK educational markets as a ready-to-run package. It is endorsed by the International Tree Foundation.


Q3 Rangers automatically deliver advanced, multimedia presentations, combined with directions for hands-on, educational activities at selected points. Location information and route guidance are seamlessly combined with the educational content so that group leaders can’t get lost and can unerringly find the learning points. The system enables any approved person (teacher, classroom assistant, parent or volunteer) to easily deliver expert, curriculum-based, environmental education to a consistently high standard.


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