You can choose a Q3 Ranger device size and specification to suit your particular needs.  It is installation of the Q3 Ranger software system on off-the-shelf hardware which creates a custom Q3 Ranger device. Customers purchasing a Q3 Ranger system have flexibility of hardware choice; access to the latest technology; options for upgrading and a guarantee of supply.


The Q3 Ranger software system can be commissioned on a wide range of readily available hardware which uses Microsoft operating systems. This means that customers are not tied to a single, bespoke device.


We can recommend large, tablet size PCs for group use and smaller devices for individual or family use. All devices feature interactive touch screens and sound. Audio options include external speakers and/or headphones.


Q3 Rangers have full multimedia capability and can display any combination of video, images, movies, animations, text, maps, audio and spoken word.


Q3 Rangers use the latest GPS technology enabling them to work well even in canyons and under dense tree canopies. Battery life for all recommended devices exceeds 6 hours. Q3 Rangers also have a built in auto-recovery system in the event of device error, because we all know that computers occasionally have tantrums! With Q3 Rangers, this is not a problem.


There are various options for rugged devices and enclosures which provide protection against water, drop, shock and dust to military specifications. Screens are QVGA or high resolution (depending on hardware model) and daylight readable. Devices for hire are locked down. Users can only access designated information.  


Anti-theft and tracking modules can be added to the basic Q3 Ranger system.


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Devices for the Q3 Ranger System

Q3 Rangers can be different sizes to suit different needs.
Users can interact with Q3 Rangers via a user-friendly, touch screen interface.
The Q3 Ranger software system will run on a wide range of devices.

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