Q3 Rangers act as personal, expert tour guides for tourists and visitors.


Q3 Rangers offer a really effective and exciting way to present multimedia interpretation in any number of languages to individuals or groups. They can be used to greatly enhance a wide range of outdoor locations and pursuits.


The Q3 Ranger system is incredibly flexible and versatile. Users can explore an area of any size at their leisure, whilst being automatically informed about features of interest which they encounter A Q3 Ranger will keep them up to date with their current location, as well as alerting them to nearby hazards or prohibited areas.


In addition to encouraging safe exploration of your site, the Q3 Ranger system’s multiple route technology allows the user to follow guided, multimedia tours along one or more set routes. It will even allow different tours to be delivered along the same route! Varied experiences and information can therefore be presented to captivate and enthuse different user groups following the same trail.


The system features a simple to operate, touch screen, custom interface suitable for technophobes. This allows users to interact with the devices if they choose to do so. It gives people the freedom to pursue their own interests, choose a different route or activity or to find out more at any time.


The Q3 Ranger system is modular and can be expanded at any point, so if you wish, you can start small and build your system progressively as funds allow.





Features of the Q3 Ranger System

Q3 Rangers can be rugged and are suitable for a variety of outdoor pursuits.
Q3 Rangers help people unfamiliar with an area to feel confident that they won't get lost.
Q3 Rangers can alert users to local hazards and/or limit access to sensitive areas.
Q3 Rangers can deliver expert educational tours.
Q3 Rangers are great for family walks and outings.

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